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When it comes to comfortable footwear for the whole family, FitFlop wins the prize. The new summer collection has all sorts of styles in a variety of eye-catching colours and a size which is a perfect fit for ever foot.

Fitflop has a stunning array of sandals in many styles and exciting spring colours. Enjoy thong or slide sandals in several styles which will set off those great sundresses and fun swimwear.

Cheap Fitflop is an innovative sandal, which allows the user to enjoy the house during the formation of women to sign a casual yet chic brand of wheels. This is due to the fact that the high level is too flexible soles and heel cushions the body. That is why it is so effective in creating a reactionary, but comforting to the buffer zone of each pedal force.

For men, women and kids, the super T sneaker shoes are just the thing for those leisurely summer walks. They lace for snug fit. The authentic and unique Microwobbleboard arch provides perfect support for walking, running and jogging.

Women will adore the Frou Sandals in comfortable, soft suede with a cute ruffle top. Choose from go-with-everything maple sugar, eye-catching cosmic purple or sophisticated super navy.

If you are looking for more substantial footwear choose boots for men and women. FitFlop boots keep your feet toasty on those cooler days. Choose from Blizz, Hyka, and SuperBlizz boots.

If you want a great winter boot with oh-so-wonderful warmth then the chocolate Mukluk is just the boot for you! Its sole is waterproof and resists stains. The mid-sole has Microwobbleboard construction inner sole and non-skid outer soles.

Your daughter will love the Superblizz boots in chipmunk brown. They are sporty looking yet cosy and safe in icy snowy weather with their no-skid, waterproof soles. The adjustable front fastener makes them fit snugly to keep the cold out and your feet dry!

If you are searching for something fashionable, comfortable and easy to slip on, the super tone sneaker is an easy answer for everyday wear. In trendy pewter leather these shoes literally breathe as you move.

Comfortable clogs go with everything. And their cogs are more stylish than ever this summer! Happy Gogh clogs in soft suede are available for men and women in great spring colours. Or slide into fashionable slides. They are available in a variety of pleasing styles including: Ciela, popular Lolla espadrilles, and Walkstar.

Whether you are looking for snazzy sandals or boots, Fitflop has just the shoe for you. And kids will love the biomechanic shoes which feel just like walking barefoot. They come in a range of colours and styles ranging from sneakers to sandals and in sizes that are perfect for every kid. These shoes are so foot-friendly that they have received the seal of approval from the American Podiatrists!

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Current free thing:

Cowboy Studio Light Stand

Once and a while I like to give away free things. This time it is a Cowboy Studio Light Stand. This comes with a handy carrying case.

In order to be eligible for one of these free things you have to follow a few

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Once in a while you just meet those people who have “it”. You know what I am talking about. Those people who are down to earth, honest and who don’t seem to have a harsh bone in their bodies. I like people like that. They tell you how it is rather than trying to present a false… Continue reading

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photo by: s_falkow

I usually love nothing more than to grab my camera, head out to some beautiful epic landscape and shoot. Most of the time it is calming and it gives me a chance to clear my head. I can work, learn, grow and relax all at the same time. It’s great… Continue reading

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This post is packed full of good things

photo by: Aaron

If you go through the jungle of photography information blogs, you will find a million and a half articles on this subject. You have both parties from the RAW haters to the JPG haters. I know over at Ken Rockwell’s

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Just in case you are wondering, by putting CC in the photo, I am not saying that this is the most amazing website but have you ever tried to find a cool picture that relates to websites. It’s harder than you think.


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If you read back through the site, you will notice a trend throughout my posts. I am opinionated and expressive but I usually shy away from political oriented content. The only exception was an article about a soccor club banning photographers. It’s not that I don’t have personal beliefs on things, its just that I don’t want… Continue reading

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