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* This post may be hard to digest for some*
The key for this to work is patience. I know it sounds like I may be off my rocker but being patient actually makes you more money. This concept applies to many aspect of business but I am going to construct this article for the creative professionals or want to be creative professionals of the world. When I was starting out I never understood why every other thing I did fell through. It seemed like I would have some months where my income was nice and consistent but the other months all of my hard work hit walls. I would have these ideas that would have created millions then after a short time my hopes of being the next Bill Gates would crash down around me. Chances are, if you are a creative professional and anything like me, this issue might be more of an issue than you think.

If you are a creative professional then chances are you are somewhat of a visionary. You are not only creative, you have some great ideas on how to expand your business. It’s easy to come up with an idea and want to put it into action immediately. That is why most people who want to get into a creative profession will just go and buy that camera, computer, software, studio or whatever expensive item relates to your passion. Unfortunately, most of the time it doesn’t bring the financial return they expect. It’s a little effect I like to call the “popcorn profession”. While immediate success in an idea can be gained by few, statistics aren’t too great for the majority. If you don’t want to become one of those statistics or are one of those statistics, this post might just give you the paradigm shift you need to become that raving success.

I’m beginning to realize with everything I do, patience is the key to success. Let me give you a few examples from building this website.

When starting Capture Cafe, I was tempted to just get a domain name and start telling the world about it. Instead, of rushing for just any domain name, I took time to find one that I liked. It took some time but I am extremely happy with that decision. Once I got my domain, I set up my website. I made a few high quality posts to test the posting system and see if I liked the look and to see if it worked. I see this happen in photography quite a bit. Someone gets a camera and starts advertising their services. For some, talent will cover them for a while but then all the bugs start to catch up to them and bite them in the butt.

I made sure I had at least 10 quality posts up before I told people about the site, that made sure that I had something to offer. In the creative profession you want, make sure you have a good set of high quality portfolio items before advertising your services. When you start off, grab a friend and do an “official” shoot with them or go design something for a fictional company.

Once I was happy with my posts, I perfected the look. I realized early on that my design was not efficient so I changed it and tweaked it till I liked it. After getting some high quality items, you will want to make sure you like your look. Ask a few friends if they like how you brand yourself or ask them what they would change. If you just rush into business, you will find out changing your look or branding gets harder and harder.

After that I set up my set up my social networks and made sure they were all working and good. When starting your profession, start coming up with a marketing strategy. DON’T DEPLOY IT. There have been so many times where I got an idea, created tons of fliers and found out afterwards that I misspelled something or I made the wrong date. When setting up your marketing, be patient and make sure everything is tweaked how you want.

After you have built a stable foundation for yourself, feel free to launch off of it. Don’t expect to just skyrocket into success, it is possible but not probable. If you have a solid foundation and do skyrocket as a success, you will be glad you built some form to your life to help you out. If you have a slow start, it’s ok. As you are patient and calculate every move, your profit margins will increase, your income will grow and you will be happier with yourself.

Its so much easier to set things up carefully and thoughtfully than to find out days and dollars down the road that your workflow doesn’t work or there is no market for what you are offering. Just take some time. If you do, you have time to work out bugs and increase quality.

Anyway, let me know what you think by commenting or share this with your friends.

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  • AARON, THIS IS SUCH A GREAT ARTICLE. You definitely contribute wise and timely business advice. I am a fan.

  • Thanks for another informative web site. The
    place else may I get that kind of info written in such a perfect approach?
    I’ve a venture that I am simply now running on, and I have
    been at the glance out for such info.

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