A lot of us have goals to become the most popular or the most successful person on the planet. Unfortunately, unless you are a software and computer guru, you probably won’t be running Google, Microsoft or Apple anytime soon. Chances are, you are are a creative person wanting either your work or yourself to be seen, but it it doesn’t seem like your photos, designs or any other creative endeavor are exploding.

Now, I don’t mean to be a downer, but statistically, most ideas, businesses  or styles don’t become overnight successes. Many people seek “exploding” ideas (or businesses), but the key is “growing” ideas (or businesses). To be even more honest and blunt, I’m not sure that having an overnight success is a good thing. I have heard many stories of business or “personalities” that have grown so fast or become famous so quickly that they couldn’t handle it. The structure for business (or the internal structure of personal character) that they had created was not constructed solidly enough to withstand fast, exponential growth. So what is the key in all of this business/art/social craziness? Consistent growth. I think there is more wisdom in consistent growth than instant growth. As you grow as an artist, entrepreneur, or person, you will be able to establish solid and sound parameters for what you are doing, no matter how popular. Consistent, slow growth at the beginning gives you the time you need to build a structure that will sustain you and your business through future periods of growth, no matter how intense.

Now that I have established my position on growth, let me give you a few tips (rules actually) to building and growing yourself digitally. If you follow these, then you should be sitting pretty.

1: Put yourself everywhere.
Some people may be opposed to putting themselves on social networks or sign up for some unknown social networking service. If you want to grow your web presence, you should seriously consider signing up for everything you can. Here is the catch: You may only have 1 person following you on Google Buzz, but your content and voice will gain Search Engine Optimization ranking. Every single bit of content you put up will start adding up to one major presence.

2: Treat every follower as an important client.
I still have a long road to go till I perfect this technique, but every follower you have is valuable. That 1 person you have on Google Buzz is 1 potential client. That could be the client that provides you with a really well-paying project.

3: Engage.
Another great tool to help out is actually responding to things. Anything from responding to a comment to commenting on someone else’s blog works great. When you are proactive in gaining a following base, your network will grow.

4: Create an efficient network.
The things I post on CC automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. This means that I have just eliminated a bunch of steps from my workflow. If you can make your workflow efficient, it will open up time for you to do what you love to do. If you have to go update 10 things when you put something up, then you don’t put as much stuff up. Now the key is still posting other things and still engaging in the network, but if you use things like RSS feeds to do your work for you then you will be way better off.

5: Build relationships
If you can build relationships with other people then you have not only expanded your “name,” you will have expanded your reputation. Relationships are a vital part of the structure upon which successful businesses are built. Having a few reliable relationships and people to collaborate with will help your idea tremendously. If you are going out to shoot something, go with someone. If you are designing something, ask for someone’s opinion.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, then you can build your web presence by leaving a comment.

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4 Comments to “Baby Steps to Increasing Web Presence”

  • A lot of good wisdom in this post. Sometimes the social web feels very overwhelming but I agree that the best recipe is to be sincere and really engage people. Get involved and even help grease a few squeeky wheels as they come along :)

  • AARON this is amazing. I couldn’t agree more, while growth is exciting and fun, You definitely have to be set up for it. So on a side note, I would suggest people start thinking about how to automate what they spend the most time doing, There is always a way to set up systems that allow you to still accomplish just as much work, but in less time.

    Thanks for posting this Aaron.

  • Thanks guys!

    Just posting what I am learning.

    Eric- Yeah, not joke!, you can’t please everyone all the time. BUT…… as weird as this may seem, negative publicity can be a good thing to a certain extent. If people see how you respond to adverse situations or people (I am assuming this is what you mean by “squeaky wheels”) then that can actually build trust or rapport.

    Bryant- Good Advice! If I had to update everything after I posted, I wouldn’t do it. It can be a ton of work. There are so many free things out there to help with this that it would be almost stupid not to.

  • Thanks for the insights! It’s hard to put yourself everywhere at once, but it’s worth it in the end, I hope. :)

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