Capture Cafe is my place to express what I think is cool, new, interesting or important in the world of photography and digital art. I created CC to help creatives who want to develop their talents to a greater level and to give access to resources to help those people do that. This is also a place for me to take the lessons and information that I learn as a professional photographer and give it to you.

The format of blogging has been changing a lot even in the last 5 years. Where blogging originally started as a small venture of personalities, it has quickly become the realm of companies and investment teams. The blogging awards are going to places like Engadget, Gizmodo, Gawker, The Huffington Post, Techcrunch and the list goes on. It has become a large production. It is the dream of many bloggers, including mine, to run a blog with the traffic that many large company blogs get but I don’t want a large company blog. There are a few reasons why.

I am a photographer, not a blogger.
I love being behind the viewfinder. Now, I really like blogging, but I don’t want to keep my head in the blogosphere.

I value experience over information.
I personally prefer to follow things that I connect with. I don’t follow a large company blog because alot of times, they stick to the old motto “content is king”. Where I think quality content is extremely important, I want a community around that content. I want to be connected to the world of photography, not just putting out news.

I want a small team, not a corporate office.
I want CC to eventually run off of a small team and the community behind it, not a corporate office. I think that it is possible to have a unique voice with millions of visitors.

I want to impact the market, not the news.
The whole reason I started CC is to connect with and help photographers on every level. I did not create CC to just propagate the news.

Well, there you have it. This is why I will never be a large entity. The key to my whole plan for dominating the world is you. I want to provide the best resource that I can. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see at CC then shoot us an e-mail.


About the Editor

Aaron Patterson is a freelance photographer based in Redding, California. His absurdly varied photographic interests include dog photography (an excuse to play fetch and work at the same time), food photography (an excuse to eat and work at the same time), and landscape photography (an excuse to hike and work…you get it).

When he was eleven, he received his first disposable camera from his mother. Eleven years of disposables, film cameras and point and shoots later, he decided to get serious about playing around with photos and bought a Nikon. Now he crafts the images that you see today. His passion for digital art and photography have created a unique style and led to him being in a number of publications in the past few years.

Aaron believes there’s beauty hidden in everything, and he will lean out of moving vehicles and over cliff edges, climb, swim, or leap through the air while body-checking an overly playful Old English Sheepdog to capture that beauty with his camera.

See some of his HDR work at AaronPattersonPhoto.com
or you can see other aspects of his work at Invisible Attributes.

What is Capture Cafe?

The goal of Capture Cafe is to provide down to earth information for amateurs and professionals in the digital art world. We are here to help develop your skill, passion or profession. Make sure to follow us on one of the services above so you can get updated on all that we have to offer.

-Aaron Patterson creator

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