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LEGO Photographers
Photo by: turkguy
Along with this increase of digital media, we also are see a dramatic increase in the amount of cameras that are being bought. With all this new equipment many people are discovering their creative sides with camera’s. It starts with a camera phone, point and shoot or shooting with a friends… Continue reading

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photo by: s_falkow

I usually love nothing more than to grab my camera, head out to some beautiful epic landscape and shoot. Most of the time it is calming and it gives me a chance to clear my head. I can work, learn, grow and relax all at the same time. It’s great… Continue reading

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This post is packed full of good things

photo by: Aaron

If you go through the jungle of photography information blogs, you will find a million and a half articles on this subject. You have both parties from the RAW haters to the JPG haters. I know over at Ken Rockwell’s

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Just in case you are wondering, by putting CC in the photo, I am not saying that this is the most amazing website but have you ever tried to find a cool picture that relates to websites. It’s harder than you think.


Many of you are thinking about creating a website to showcase your work… Continue reading

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(or, How to Survive Living with a Highly Creative Person)

Photo by:Michael Johnson

Dear Highly Creative People:

This article is not for you. This article is for your wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, roommates, friends, close family, distant relatives, and pets. This article is for anyone in your life who “doesn’t ‘get’ you,” “thinks you’re crazy,” or Continue reading

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Also known as “sometimes, it’s user error”

Photo: Aaron Patterson

Whenever you enter a creative field or hobby or just about anything for that matter, you will see a trend. People want to have the latest and greatest. They want to get the latest camera or the best computer or the best bag to hold Continue reading

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Graphic By: Aaron Patterson

I’m not much into rap music but most of you have heard of Kanye West. He’s the dude President Obama called a jack*** for interrupting Taylor Swift during her speech at the Music Awards. I guess that affected his career more than he would have liked because he just recently gave into this Continue reading

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